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Black Landlord in Cincinnati Exposes Undervalued Home Appraisal

The deep-rooted issue of racial discrimination continues to haunt the housing market, as a recent NY Times exposé uncovers the alarming prevalence of biased home appraisals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In a thought-provoking investigation by The New York Times, the veil is lifted, revealing a distressing reality that challenges the notion of a fair and equal real estate industry. The article sheds light on a particular case in Cincinnati, where a black homeowner’s property received an appraisal far below its true value. This incident sparked a wider examination of the systemic racial bias within the appraisal process.

The story unravels with disheartening accounts from Terry Horton, a Cincinnati landlord whose tenants also happen to be Black, who shares his experiences of being undervalued and undermined in the real estate market. This pervasive discrimination not only robs individuals of their rightful equity but also perpetuates the wealth gap that divides our communities.

If you want to learn more about Mr. Horton’s claim and its implications for the housing market, read the full article on The New York Times website.

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