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10k black appraisers and cincinnati port authority join forces to empower minority homeowners

10K Black Appraisers and Cincinnati Port Authority Join Forces to Empower Minority Homeowners with Equitable Appraisals

In a groundbreaking collaboration, 10K Black Appraisers and the Cincinnati Port Authority have formed a dynamic partnership aimed at promoting fairness and inclusivity within the appraisal process. With a shared vision of empowering minority homeowners, this alliance will undertake the monumental task of appraising homes using a team of minority appraisers. This initiative marks a […]

georgia real estate commissioner lynn dempsey joins forces with dawson valuation group and 10k black appraisers

Georgia Real Estate Commissioner Lynn Dempsey Supports and 10KBA and 10KMA In The Pursuit Of Fair Appraisals

We are incredibly excited to announce that GA Real Estate Commissioner Lynn Dempsey has wholeheartedly thrown his support behind the important mission of the Dawson Valuation Group Inc., 10K Black Appraisers Inc., and 10K Minority Appraisers Inc. This remarkable endorsement from Commissioner Dempsey underscores his recognition of the urgent need for fair and equal appraisals […]

Appraiser Qualifications Board Approves Appraisal Institute’s PAREA Program

The Appraisal Institute has received approval from the Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) for its Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) program. This new program is designed to provide practical experience for aspiring appraisers before they enter the profession, ensuring that they have the necessary skills to succeed. The PAREA program includes three distinct paths: […]

The Appraisal Bias Unveiled: Are Homes in Black Neighborhoods Facing Inequality?

Imagine living in a vibrant neighborhood with rich history and culture, only to find out that your home’s value is being unfairly appraised, leading to lower appraisals compared to similar homes in predominantly white neighborhoods. A recent study has shed light on a disheartening reality, revealing that homes in black neighborhoods are more likely to […]

Appraisal Institute’s Commitment to Diversity: What It Means for the Appraisal Industry

The Appraisal Institute, the leading professional association for real estate appraisers, has shown its commitment to diversity by launching new initiatives to promote inclusion within the industry. This is a positive step forward for an industry that has been plagued by accusations of bias and discrimination. One of the Appraisal Institute’s new initiatives is the […]