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About Us

Appraisal Management Company

At 10K Black Appraisers, we are committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the appraisal industry. We firmly believe that fostering a diverse ecosystem of appraisers benefits not only the industry but also the communities it serves.

Our approach is rooted in empowerment and addressing long-standing challenges. We understand that representation matters, and by opting for minority appraisers, banks empower their minority customers. 

Things You Should Know

FAQs About Our Minority Appraisal Management Company

When should I consider using 10K Black Appraisal Management?
  • For Compliance: We are invaluable when compliance with industry regulations and guidelines is essential. We ensure appraisals align with legal and industry standards.

  • Streamlining Operations: If you're looking to streamline your appraisal process and improve efficiency, we can help manage appraisal orders, communication, and quality control.

  • Access to a Diverse Network: When you need access to a diverse network of appraisers, especially in cases where cultural competence is crucial.

  • Scalability: We provide scalability, making them ideal for organizations with fluctuating appraisal needs, ensuring timely appraisals during busy periods.

Who typically uses an Appraisal Management Company?
  • Lenders and Banks: Mortgage lenders and banks often use AMCs to ensure compliance, streamline operations, and access a wide network of appraisers.

  • Real Estate Professionals: Real estate agents and brokers may engage AMCs to simplify the appraisal process and ensure impartiality in property valuations.

  • Government Agencies: Government entities utilize AMCs to maintain transparency, compliance, and equity in property valuations for taxation or public projects.

  • Appraisal Companies: Some appraisal companies partner with AMCs to expand their client base and access a broader range of appraisal orders.

  • Individual Homeowners: In some cases, individual homeowners may use AMCs to obtain independent and impartial appraisals for various purposes, such as selling a property or estate planning.

  • Insurance Companies: Insurance companies may collaborate with AMCs to assess property values accurately for insurance coverage and claims.

  • Investors: Real estate investors and property management companies use AMCs to obtain reliable appraisals for property acquisitions and portfolio management.

How can our organization collaborate with your company to promote diversity and inclusivity in appraisals?

Partnering with us is straightforward. When you become an Affiliate member, you actively contribute to promoting inclusivity. Together, we work towards a more equitable future by providing representation to minority customers, addressing bias, and preventing whitewashing. Your decision makes a significant impact.

Why Choose 10K Black Appraisers

We Build Inclusive Communities

Empowering Banks, Lenders, & Community Partners to Embrace Diversity & Equity

Customer Empowerment

Representation matters, and when customers can utilize appraisers who understand their unique circumstances, it builds trust and rapport.

Addressing Bias Concerns

In the event a borrower expresses concerns about a biased appraisal, having Black Appraisers on board allows for a reconsideration of value.

Guidance on Reconsideration of Value

We aim to ensure that every appraisal is conducted fairly and without prejudice.

Preventing 'Whitewashing'

With access to black appraisers, customers can avoid these unnecessary expenses, fostering a more equitable and genuine appraisal process.

What Makes Us Different

We Are Leading the Change in Real Estate Valuations

Empowering Appraisers, Transforming Communities, Advancing Equity


Experience and Expertise

Our appraisers are highly skilled professionals with a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by minority communities.


Diversity Matters

We believe in the power of diversity to foster innovation and reduce bias. Our team represents a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.



We are deeply committed to the communities we serve, and our mission is to uplift them through fair and equitable appraisal practices.



We leverage cutting-edge technology to streamline the appraisal process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Join Us In Making A difference

Elevating Equity Through Accurate Valuations

Elevate Fair Lending Practices

Join us to ensure that every appraisal reflects the true value of the property, making a difference in the lives of minority customers.

Foster Inclusivity in Your Community

Let us empower minority customers with fair appraisals that resonate with their unique experiences.

Collaborate for an Inclusive Tomorrow

Contact us today to initiate a collaboration that drives positive change.

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